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Pad Printing

Pad Printig transfers a 2-dimensional image to a 3-dimensional object. This method is highly useful for surfaces which are rigid or concaved. Industries like toys, glassware, stationery products, garments, medical equipment use this method of printing to brand themselves. 

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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving and cutting has been used for aesthetic customization of items such as invitation cards, tankards, posters, trophies, medals and the like. You can expect more precision and a finished product using this technique. This technique is more popular for making stamps, moulds and dies, barcodes, tracking labels, etc.

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Doming offers great value to any shape or size by coating the surface with a transparent coating. The most common application of this technique is the making of stickers, labels or packaging labels. Doming is highly beneficial as it lasts long, is scratch-resistant, and protects the colors underneath.

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Embossing is a method that raises the surface against the background, giving a feeling of protrusion upon touching. It lends an elegant, multi-dimensional look to the product. You can find embossed items in day-to-day life such as credit/debit  cards, stamps, logos, etc.

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Besides digital printing, embroidery is the most common practice that is used for fabric and textile printing. As compared to printing, embroidery is long-lasting and does not fade away. The F&B industry such as hotel and restaurants use this method to brand their linen and uniforms.

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